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Happy international asexual day wohoo sharing asexual Tsuzuru because I am projecting <3

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Bro I remember drawing this in 2020 😭

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[ technically not spoilers but just in case haru 10th minor spoiler ]
Gino's older sibling mode

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Happy trans visibility day! Posting trans Tasuku again for the occasion 🙏

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And do you notice how his face is even more serious & confident compared to his past bday cards which are softer expressions? I think this shows how his confidence developed so much as well as his firey passion.

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Aaand that is all for this analysis, this was all just for fun & there might be many more interpretations of this song! I wanted to share some Tsuzuru appreciation as usual, anyway listen to Dandelion no Akubi if you enjoy lullabies 🫶

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