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What you see is what you get! Just a girl who loves to draw 🌟|commissions are open!| #1 Sonic fan (fact-checked)| *formerly jeffreykilljoy

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🌟Sonamy Frontiers pt. 3🌟
This is the final part to the trilogy! Thank you for your patience 💙💖

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Awww!! He definitely gave her the birthday kisses! (Also just finished the game and wow it was fun!)

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Dissatisfied lately with how a draw Amy so practice doodle!

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How would Sonic react if he met your OC? 🌟 (1/2)

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Ayyy thanks for tagging me! 🌟

Nowadays I mostly draw Sonic art but I draw humans too!

I tag some of my favorite artists!

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Commission work for !
Commissions are open! Check pinned post for more info 🌟

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