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Art account comeback with a fanart of the queen of queens, ruler of midnights, the one and only @taylorswift13 🤍💫🪩✨
October 21 here we come⚡️ #Midnights #TaylorSwift @taylornation13
(havent drawn in forever and I’m very rusty, please be kind to my artwork🥲)

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new profile pic because I’m all in in my stranger things era and I really wanted to draw me with the hellfire club shirt 🫡❤️‍🔥💥🔥 #StrangerThings

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some personal work for the weekend🌈🐠✨🤍

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The other day I hit 100 sales and I’m so happy! Thanks to everyone that has supported me in any way🥰💖🌸 to celebrate, I’m doing a commission giveaway! All you have to do is like and comment why would you want to win (style of the commish down below)

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aaaaaaaaand, only 5 patches left too!! ahhhhh this was a best seller and I'm so happy you liked them, there also won't be a restock so if you want one go gog go go❤️❤️❤️ #redtaylorsversion

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Yesterday’s drawing, my dream skates that hopefully I can get soon 🛼🦋🍑✨ #impalaskates

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Hello hello🌈 and a happy beginning of April! i’m opening commissions once more with 10 slots, shoot me a DM if you are interested! 💖💖💖💖💖 (i promise this month i’ll get better at social media okay? 🥲)

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Special commish of Tessa and Hardin 🤍🤍🤍

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here are the original illustrations! jumper designs by @alphamacys 💜🤩✨

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More cryptic pictures of the surprise drop 🤫💜💜💜✨ @alphamacys

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