Hello everyone! I'm a big fan of the Pretty Cure franchise and anime media in general! He/him, 25 years old, Brazilian, Gay Rights! 🏳️‍🌈💖

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If u could pick a color for the next boy precure, which one would u pick?
personally I would pick green! 💚

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precure fans, who is a cure you like but felt their character arcs could've been done better or they got the short end of the stick?

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Anniversary seasons that begins with a duo!
and get a third cure not that later ...

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I love Finale's pose on this! 🎉

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I feel like Maho Tsukai had everything to be my favorite season.. if it wasnt for 3 issues:
1. Very little plot..
2. Main characters had no arcs..
3. Fighting scenes were extremely boring

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I'm so excited! 💙🤍🧡💗

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