🌸Emma🌸 @comms on hold for now dm/ email for slotさんのプロフィール画像

🌸Emma🌸 @comms on hold for now dm/ email for slotさんのイラストまとめ

dying inside 24/7
she/her pronouns preferred thanks 😊
Bi as in buying this dick 💰

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need to take one commission for $16 cause someone got hold of my card and ordered off amazon so
you can get either like 3 colored sketches or a full body chibi
dm if interested #artistsontwitter #artistsupport #commissionsopen

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mspaint bust up i did last night before my cold got worse

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Chibi Raffle as promised!
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2. retweet + like
3. Good luck!
For every 50 retweets there will be another winner added! #artraffle #artistsontwitter #artistsupport #MonsterHigh #monstergirl #MonsterHighG3

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would any one be interested in a commission like this for $20?
poll below

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The name's Emma and i love to draw my ocs or fanart occasionally :D

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my oc robby! the second oc in my "draws all my ocs in headshot" series!
Robby is 16 and he loves sports and fashion! I would describe his personality as that chill up beat guy friend we all need!

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