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Digital Fantasy Artist ✨ | UK | She/They | Lover of tieflings and elves ❤️

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Thank you for hosting! I’m Sacha, a digital artist who loves drawing fantasy 🥰

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My orc warrior more commonly known as Elnora 🥰 I’m actually happy with the outcome even if it is a bit too green!

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I’ve been meaning to do another since I reached 250 followers on here (it’s a bit more than that now) so thank you for the support! 🎉

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Comm completed for @/freakifinds of their two cute boys 🥰

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Finished the third oc mutual art piece 🥰 this is for (toris.drawings over on insta) of her dnd character Tabitha ❤️

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Second mutual oc art piece 🥰 for 💖

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First finished draw your Mutuals oc in your style challenge! This one is for 💙

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Wip. I don’t think I’ll get this finished today

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Starting to colour my new tiefling ❤️

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I’ve been struggling with the colours on this and I think I’ve finally made a breakthrough. It’s messy right now but I feel like it might be okay when I finish it 😭

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