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Aussie living in the UK. Totally a Sailor Scout. ♠️
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Adding another one to this! Not a team member, more like a reoccurring friend they have!

It’s nice to place her in a world finally.

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My four fav drawings I did last year for my patreons monthly poll. 🧵

Word prompt for this was: COOKIE

Let me tell you, I was craving cookies for weeks when working on this.

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"¡Oye! Let’s have us a fruitful battle!"

a commission for , AU character design by
For a crossover RPG fangame with a demo out now!

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DeeGee’s body temperature is unnaturally high thanks to the fire magic flowing through her, so she overheats easier than others. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t make her immune to heat or fire. Only the fire she conjures can’t hurt her.

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Don’t mess with a bard.

A commission for OC, Gabby Lynn, the goblin bard.
🎶 ⚡️ 🎶

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