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little meow meow

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Snack time Furina with Tokyotreat and Sakuraco!

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Winner receive a chibi art from me + Vograce will provide $30 coupon to order from their store and make your own merch!

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✨comment your OC/vtuber/anime chara you want to make into merch

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idk why but
sunday lowkey make me think of merlin

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get drunk do crimes

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A valentine Yae with yummy snacks from Tokyotreat and Sakuraco

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im so glad i managed to kept her alive during the boss fights because look at this?? she's so obsessed with her gf?????? they're so fracking cuteeeeee??? KYAAA grip chest keel over orz 😭😭😭😭

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it’s end of the year so i want to thanks everyone for the supports 🥹 i managed to pass lot of milestones this year. end of the year has been dry for new arts since i’ve been busy with cm but i’m glad people likes the art processes i post

i want to improve my art next year!

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Furina enjoying snacks from Tokyotreat and Sakuraco. Thank you so much for sending them to me!

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