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Here are 3 great YouTube playlists to check out

✏️ Draw-Off


🍿 DC Nation Shorts

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As part of the new branding @mrgeoneo created portraits of the team.

Learn more here:

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…new direction …new branding …you can be a part of it 🦉

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Beautifully painted tranquil scenes by illustrator and teacher Bangqiao Yan

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Belgian illustrator, Jan Van Der Veken explores contemporary themes with a retro aesthetic

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Dutch illustrator, Marijke Buurlage, creates vibrant scenes filled with fun and foliage

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Candy-coloured and ornate work by illustrator and pattern designer Jongmee Kim

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If you are into historical game mods check out @EBTeam - They are currently looking for texture artists

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Garen Ewing is the writer and illustrator of award-winning series, The Rainbow Orchid

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Cam Kendell's work is charming, energetic and often absurd

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