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Kuko that my little cousin drew as a gift! 💜 We even went over his makeup together. She's really skilled for her age!🥹 Everyone please support and follow her on Insta @/lynelliv👏💌  So pretty!! I love it so much🥰 

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I love Parappa and Lammy and friends sm! 😭💕 Also so happy to see love for Katamari, it's such a precious game series!! I also have Parappa stickers but with HypnosisMic characters😆 This is one with Lammy⚡️

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What if Jyushi styled Kuko for a day ⚫️🔴🤔(just my delusion)

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Congrats on the milestones, Qath!! 🥭🎇 Thank you for initiating this! 😄 I'm Wave, mostly drawing my favorite characters and restarting my art after a few years. My inspirations on Twitter are @/Woo20Ian @/nirelle_art @/rei_17 🩶

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