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Good Morning

HK416 is pretty cute when she's not plastered or pissed off for no reason (80% of her personality)

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공장장의 시작
도고의 시작
내가 생각하는 가장 잘 그린 그림

start of mass production type drawing
the first doggo
The best drawing I've ever drawn.

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#少女前線 #ドルフロ #소녀전선
다음 서코에 다듬어서 아크릴로 출시할 우리형(416옷입음);;;;;;;;;;

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素晴らしいゲームのように見えます🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉 #Game #digitalart #Arknights #バレンタイン #声優 #チョコ

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素晴らしいゲームのように見えます🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉 #Game #digitalart #Arknights #バレンタイン #声優 #チョコ

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I somehow missed this... Thank you so much, Melonbread! I will make sure P/M K11(aka Phantom Melon🤭) eats you(one day)!

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416 アキツナデシコのキャンディ
#AIart #AIイラスト

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Once in a while I think about this comic and how perfectly it encapsulates HK416's personality.

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@NekroXIII Hi, thanks for hosting. I like to draw mechas,girls and a combination of both.

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가능하면 다음주부터 도고 커미션같은걸 받을 생각인데 열때 알아야 하는게 있을까요?

If possible, I'm planning to get a doggo commission from next week, so is there anything I need to know when I open it?

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※소량으로 족자봉을 제작들어갑니다;;;
센타우레이시 흑백 각각 1종씩,
AK Alfa, UMP45, HK416 합본 이미지,
그리고 OC용(비매용) 족자봉 제작합니다;;;;

OC용을 제외한 나머지 3건을 3월 서코에서 구매가능합니다~;;;

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M14ちゃんԅ( ˘ω˘ ԅ) モミモミ

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