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#ドルフロ #kar98k

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再掲 Kar98k #ドールズフロントライン #ドルフロ GirlsFrontline 少女前線 소녀전선 少女前线

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よく見たら太ももが太すぎてビックリした 好きよ

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Fun fact, after probably 70+ Kar illustration i made, this is the 1st time i actually draw her completely nude full with her genitals actually visible

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I might open my service again soon. Stay tune!

Though i might take my time and do it more slowly on my next session.

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This make you Fucking the Ship

This make you Fucking the Gun

This make you Fucking the Horse

This make you Fucking kill the Miller

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カンスト+スキルMAXです #ドルフロ

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If this is the same outfit where did the red eye come from!?!??? 🫠 I thought it was a glitch in Cloud Gardens but????? 😭😭

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소녀전선 쓸데 없는 지식
Useless GFL imformation

카구팔의 키는 일러스트상 엄청 작습니다
Kar98 is very short in illust

추산치로 868mm, 86.8cm 정도됩니다
about 33-34inch

하지만 유명한 정보입니다
but this is already many one know

really useless imfo

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【更新】ドールズフロントライン ver.2.0900→3.0100(シミュレーション) https://t.co/j9q7zQuJca #iPhone

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한번 자각하니까 계속 신경쓰이는데
이리나 전용낙인 일러는 초기캐디의...... 그러니까 양산형중남아재게임에나오는사큐바수 시절의 옷임

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