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@fou_san ばっちこーいd(>ロ<d)

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I had a dream where paypal refunded me 500 usd I never ever spent so it was like a gift from the sky.

A part of me thought it was true when I woke up so when reality kicked it it was so very disappointing.

Good morning.

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Requests done for GFL Discord Server "Base del Sur", some GFL/AK/PNC drawings as xmas gifts

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@Zunko_lalala ずんこさん…本当におつかれさまやでー0(>_<)0

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Anime girl with scars makes me onoefwlefwlmormkwlcdaefvafegdhjyfjbgf

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※소량으로 족자봉을 제작들어갑니다;;;
센타우레이시 흑백 각각 1종씩,
AK Alfa, UMP45, HK416 합본 이미지,
그리고 OC용(비매용) 족자봉 제작합니다;;;;

OC용을 제외한 나머지 3건을 3월 서코에서 구매가능합니다~;;;

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@mukudoku50 なんと!にゃごもさんからのプレゼントだったのか!

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可愛い子ちゃん謎探知機出してみる?かな…効果あると思う?( えー、すごく怪しいんですけど)あの司令官...ww #AIart #AIイラスト

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M14ちゃんԅ( ˘ω˘ ԅ) モミモミ

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UMP45 is just gay porn now, i need a minute

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good morning I am absolutely OBSESSED with this robot girl

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