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('ω')定期的に照れ顔を描きたくなるんだよぉ!! #ドルフロ

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下一張吧 還沒畫完_(:з」∠)_
努力畫圖 (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

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i DID A voice over the art is not mine and i am not dating a pan

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-Fan art commission-
Full body commission Girls' Frontline -WA2000-
#commissions #GirlFrontline #WA2000

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사랑을 하는게 처음이라 그런건지
네가 일로 다 말할 수 없이 좋지만
그만큼 나를 옥죄어온건 아닐까

네가 행복한게 나는 좋아서
온전히 모든 일을 너에게 배려해주고
내 마음을 억누르고 숨긴게
오히려 독이 되었던걸까

결국 서럽고 그리운 마음만
남게 되어버린 건지
그 누굴 탓할수도 없구나...

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just did a little sketch will probably finish it on stream ✨

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Commission for @beijing_echo

Thank you so much for commissioning me! I hope you liked the end result 😆!

+ For commission info, please check out my pinned post 🥰 #Commission #GirlsFrontline

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@Tonisk9 簡単な会話ならともかく長文の内容は難しいですね。

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@harem_eater I don't know, this is the song sung by the discarded isomers.

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On your way back, you ran into wa who you haven’t seen for some time, and it looks like she’s packing some extra weight. She hands you a gift, it’s a box of chocolates well half a box of chocolates

Part two, cutoff will be tomorrow
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