your honor, shes bi 😳

an absolutely fun comm for !!

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old kalista i never finished after reading ruination auhguhagha

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Kalista and Katarina faerie Court 🦋

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Another Fairy Court Kalista <3
but this time with line art :)

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Kalistas (W) should be more than just a stupid seeking ghost im sorry.
Syndras Design should be more realistic and less BDSM sexualized and her Personality and story should be updated.
Bel'Veth's Splash and design should be changed cause she doesn't look like a monster for me.

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General Kalista with Ledros in her recall when?????

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Faerie Court Kalista ✨

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Hey Alex, are tweaks still possible? 🙏 would really love it if Kalista had a longer, more angular face in her icon. It's one of the key features that identifies her as Kalista. I added a pic of her ingame model for comparison!

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Great day To be a kalista main

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Capricharam tanto nesses ícones que o da Kalista tem até reflexo. Só o ícone ja ta mais bonito que muita splash art de umas skins aí...

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Kalista and Katarina 🦋❄

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This weekend's pollpic contenders are Towa Tokoyami from Hololive, Hortensia from fire emblem, Kalista from league of legends, and Throne from Octopath Traveler 2
Vote in the poll below on who gets the fanart.

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From lowly sprites to queen and royal knight,
how far we've come Kalista

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