And finally the last of the prizes for the Metroidvanias contest! the Hell Yhea bunny! for .

Originally it was only two winning posts, but I made the exception because he struggled to figure everything out and missed only one of the 39 characters.

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To , one of the winners of the Metroidvanias contest I did.

Being one of those who identified all the characters.
He chose the FlipWitch witch imitating a Tejina-senpai pose.

Buy the game at

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Finally Metroidvanias fanart!

I'd love to tag every developer, but it would be massive spam, he
Hopefully it reaches your eyes, it took me time and I did it with a lot of love, this genre is my favorite

In the thread details of the contest winners and game reveals

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The drawing of the Metroidvanias is finished, compiling 38 characters!

The complete drawing will be finished when the CONTEST ends where you must try to recognize most of the people to win a drawing.

In the thread I leave the original post with the details.

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The Metroidvanias drawing is coming to an end, and I propose a contest: the 2 people who get the most games right will be able to choose an illustration of one of the characters drawn here.

Details in the thread

(Español en el hilo)

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2nd sketch of the illustration dedicated to the Metroidvanias.
At least of the ones I played and liked (although I left two out).

Now if you can identify some characters better.

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I like metroidvania's a lot and I did see this awhile back lol.

I don't watch Love Live but, is it good?

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Hello everyone! I'm excited to share with you all the key art I did for the new Metroidvania game I'm one of the character artists and I did all the portrait art in the game! Please let me know who is your favorite character if u played it ya!✨

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Thinkin of DS games so gonna say this game needs more love, it’s a metroidvania where you play as a lil girl with a monster you can raise! It’s cool!

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9 Years of Shadow? More like 9 Years of Cereza!

Lets check out this new metroidvania :3 Live now! Links below!

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City by the lake (polishing older scenes, still in progress)

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🌿 surrounded by waterfalls and everything lush, a moment’s rest need no request 🌿

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Katherine has gone through iterations since her first drawing. We made sure to indicate she is a "synthetic", an android, with mechanical components clearly visible and even built-in heels. Alt outfits become available too.

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9 Years of Shadows is a Metroidvania on Steam. Also adding some visuals to give an idea of what this game looks like, because this thumbnail sure didn't.

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Hey everyone!

It is and a gentle reminder that every wishlist helps us incredible. So do visit the Steam page and wishlist Emberbane!!

Steam page:


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