genuinely want to hug her i lobe u sakuraaa

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MS paint tokoyo (drawn at the Cyber-intelligence Information Room)

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cardcaptor sakuraaaaa (cerberus doesnt count btw)

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As I promised, giving my adoptive VTuber mama some relaxation at my shrine's onsen (hotspring)! My birthday present to you! Thank you for everything you do!

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Ok... im counting them together bc i love them both and its the same fandom lol. id had married them both lmaooo but ive loved them for forever too lol. <33 sasuke and sakuraaaaa sasukes lucky i still love him but sakura is my mf queen

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終於是畫完了 耶比:D

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Your Ice Queen has arrived~

🎨- sakuraano on Fiverr (is no longer on Fiverr ;.; )

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I will try to finish it today but........ My shoulder hurt 😭😭


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