💮: it's been a while~
yeah, i really miss Katsumi Arin so much
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So I wanted to celebrate Sakura's birthday by revamping her initial cards so here they are! I'm so proud of how they turned out and how far Sakura has come 🥺💕💕

Here are the full versions of the pieces! #a3oc

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🌸SakuSaku 1000 Days🌸

"Today was a fairytale
You were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress
You took me by the hand,
and you picked me up at six
Today was a fairytale"

In this issue of [Aura Allure], happy 1000 days to my cherry blossom scrunkles!🥺💕💕
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Happy Valentine’s Day from Tsumukura! #A3oc #a3yume

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"You said that I'm beautiful? Only? It seems that you need to open a dictionary. I'm definitely MORE than simply beautiful."

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Her appearance for 6th anniversary ✧

Art © Mikage san #A3sona #A3oc

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This one, which I ALSO forgot to post here was my Secret Santa gift to @yuki_nyanpai!

Presenting the lovely couple gracing the 2nd issue of [Aura Allure]... TSUMUYUKI!! They're Mankai's Fuyugumi leader Tsukioka Tsumugi and Kirameki's Tsukigumi leader Nijiro Miyuki! #a3oc #a3yume

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[ #a3ocs , oc ] hi i'm late to the a3oc party but here are my daughters who i will now describe in great detail

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[#a3oc] sketches from last night

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[#a3oc/#a3yume] happy halloween from the sumeragi cousins !! 🥺🫶 oto forced tenma to match costumes with him

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i legit forgot that i had this lying around in my folder for a while

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#a3oc Day 12: Mitsumi!

pov u went to the convenience store at 4AM and you are Not welcome

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#a3oc Day 10: Ayame!

she's gonna catch a cold like that

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#a3oc Day 7: Miku!

very very cute miku

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Bleeding Darkness

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#a3oc Day 5: Chikara

lets go lets go lets go. i dont like this one a lot tbh

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#a3oc Day 4: Iyu

happy birthday my child + bonus creature

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#a3oc Day 3: Matsuri!

ignore that this is spring themed i didnt know what to draw

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