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SHE!!! 😗💝
Her name's Minamoto Harumi. She's a university student who works at the Mankai Company as a stage manager and also helps as a merchandise designer

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this is kazuma anzaii. he's a softie who has been recruited by sakyo as stun teacher as well as actions (mostly fighting) choreographer. kazuma has dark background but he changed after he lost his arm.
his famous quote is
"please dont mistake me with edward elric"

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... his name is aspen and he's an artist... he helps work on bg props and character concept art...
he goes to uni with tsuzu and kazu and that's how he ended up joining mankai 'cause he's a huge theater nerd... not like he can act, he just loves watching the art..!

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So today I drew my Her name is Yoshima Mizuki! She's a journalist and actively pursuing her love life. uwu

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everyone was doing it to so i made a sona (so i can properly draw my yume stuff that isnt projected on an oc SORRY I AM YUMEJOSHI + another kid for kidou project~)

meet the sisters aria and melody! (not pictured: youngest brother coda)

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— Minamoto Harumi.
A university student who works at the Mankai Company as a stage manager and also helps as a merchandise designer

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Chiasa at her high school days🌚

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/ a3 / a3sona ✨

happy birthday to mr masumi usui 😔😔😔💘💖💕💘💘💖💘💕✨✨✨ i love a boy so much 😔😔😔

( she's up late working and he's using her as a back rest )

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if u ship urself (or an oc/a3sona) with an a3 chara and wouldnt mind if i drew u and said chara like this tweet!!! and uhh maybe reply w who the chara is too 👉👈

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i know i said i was going to wait until i finish properly introducing all my ocs but i got too excited 👉👈

here are ichika's and aria's headcanon voices (WITH SINGING VOICES INCLUDED!)

ichika: nanjo yoshino
aria: hondo kaede

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[a3sona /
"whats it like being the cursed tenma yume artist" idk u tell me?

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《a3! |
i doodled another thing on my phone

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4. Favorite oc design

—I can’t really choose?? but I’m still brainrotting over Touko(a3sona) so there’s that...? But i still love my kny oc Soushi’s design a lot!

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artblock tingz..????

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My a3sona got cucked by his own bigsister.

He has this crush on someone else's a3sona and lol his big sis is faster than him skrrrr

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[a3sona /
me not making yume content on tenma's bday? pshhh

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forgot to post this nsjdjd but have this self-indulgent illust created by the wonderful of my kaede (my oc/sona) & omi! 💛🧡✨

context: during a promotional shoot for Fallen Blood, Omi's laughing at a dumb joke she made in between breaks 😅

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