Bradamante is waiting from too much time and needs a bit of relieve, Master can't help but help her!

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Adaman & Leafeon / Pokémon LEGENDS

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i recently saw that irida and adaman were added to pokemas which is cool

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Galadriel with Nenya, Ring of Adamant

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I coloured a few of the pages from over the past months!
I can finally share them as i just finished the ancient baths page and was adamant on having it in the lineup haha.

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SAP2: Tiny you are SUCH a sweetheart, it has been a pleasure sharing any measure of space with you. When I approached Near about drawing some of the people from Team Neat he was adamant that your name be included! And a vouch from him has never gone wrong for me!

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Today! Bloody Radamanthys for Saint Seiya KOTZ full version 😁

I hope you like it!

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I love that Zdarsky adamantly doesn't want to write TASM so he just makes room for these absolute banger Spider-Man moments in his other books

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Adaman from Pokemon Legends Arceus. He's punctual, he' yeah, let's go with hair XD

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ah, diamond ! adaman !
( first drawing by my friend nate 💙 ) ; w ;

I’ve loved him since I saw adam’ in the first trailer. I felt connected to his person since the very first moment and after that, it felt like history.

There hasn’t been a character since that I love as much <3

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Well since you guys were so adamant on me cleaning it up, here's the finished animation.

Hope you like it!

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Ayakku also figured it out earlier in life, but took a slow path to deciding what they wanted. Part of the pressure was being an only child after the death of their eldest sister. They started their rp journey very adamant on hiding their face and body.

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"OMG SHIVER CONCEPT ART" no. That is just a Octoling Adaman from Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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Valentina Allegra de Fontaine will reportedly be working with 5 different villains in ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: NEW WORLD ORDER’ to form the Serpent Society.

Their main mission will be to obtain Adamantium from Tiamut Island.


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