Just some miscellaneous #BanjoKazooie renders that were too small. I can't find bigger nice renders of any of these. But they're Banjo-Kazooie and Grunty's Revenge respectively. But the top breegull blaster looks like a different angle for the one from Tooie.

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It was Banjo Kazooie's birthday a couple days ago so made some fanart! They were a huge part of my childhood and the fact that I hadn't made fanart before was actually really surprising #pixelart #banjokazooie

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Finger Squad

A special gift to my friend @TaylorSwitch64

Happy late B-day!!
#Byleth #BanjoKazooie #Cuphead #SmashUltimate #FireEmblemThreeHouses

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1 day and 1 week later happend something that I never believed would be reality for much that I wish for it: #BanjoKazooie returned to videogames with the help of the great @Sora_Sakurai and his masterpiece: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

@TheArtistHelp @ApoyaAlArtista

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Banjo-Kazooie (by Selento Books, 2020) #fanart #banjokazooie

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Founded myself a bit of inspiration after looking upon one of @TaylorSwitch64's many illustrations, as well as others at the time and ended up with drawing Banjo in the Mario art-style!
#BanjoKazooie #バンカズ #FANART

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Of course we can't forget about this legendary moment #banjokazooieredraw

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Just got back after venting out all the despair I had within me, and had the idea to share one last Banjo drawing of from my DA--since it has been a full year since he had been announced for Smash.

#BanjoKazooie #SmashBrosUltimate #バンカズ #スマブラSP

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Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby declare this day #BanjoKazooieDay!

As it’s been one year since the celebration for the N64 duo finally making their grand return to Nintendo and inclusion to Smash Bros afternoon years of requesting!

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My First Time Drawing Banjo-Kazooie! 🧩⭐️
I did my Best to make him look like in the Original Games.

How do they look in my Style?

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This one's a bit difficult for me to redraw but I did it #banjokazooieredraw

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#conkersbadfurday #BanjoKazooie #YookaLaylee

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Here's another one but this time I did it on excel, a full body Banjo and Kazooie. Hope you like it
@NintendoAmerica @RareLtd @grantkirkhope @PlaytonicGames @Ghoulyboy @WinkySteve #Nintendo #banjokazooie #SuperSmashBros #rareware

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As a bit of a warm-up, here's something I made for @supahquinntendo. Here's Banjo & Kazooie in the artstyle of @NickAnimation's Rocko's Modern Life. @Nickelodeon @nintendo @rareltd @grantkirkhope #nintendo #banjokazooie #supersmashbros #supersmashstyle

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When someone says another Banjo-Kazooie game wouldn’t sell (especially on the Switch)...
#BringBanjoBack #JusticeForBanjo #BanjoKazooieTooieHDRemakes

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