I gave him in undercut you’re welcome, this will be a print in my shop SOON!💥💕 #bnha #bakugoukatsuki https://t.co/35QHSpfu4X

halfway through august and not a single drawing of summer todobaku?? better fix that quick ☀️☀️ #bnha #轟爆 https://t.co/88DzB3300y

the trafficlight trio

some stuff from monthsss ago #BNHA https://t.co/ifiHQbXSNc

petition to give izuku a corgi bc i need there to be a dog with a happy ending in bnha pls thank you #bnha https://t.co/1kYmHuwjRa

messy warmup of the day that's inspired by @/peachyneeks's (insta) cosplay of Himiko! #bnha https://t.co/jCRGZT5BmI


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