❄ Gogeta 💪

The goatest fusion in Dragon Ball, cool as hell and Gogeta himself is ice cold 🥶

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Compilation of the Gero / 21 scene in different art styles, feat. a bonus manga strip!

Which one of these did you like the most?? Honestly curious to know

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Gros week-end pour la team du Wizard ! Compétitions à Sceaux et sur nos simulateurs de course à Seissan. Prêt pour l'aventure ? 🎮💥

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If you're new to esports, we've got the perfect guide for you. This article includes information on the top 5 best esports games for beginners in 2023!

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Redraw my most like Drawing

the left drawing is the new one & the right is the OG

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I apologize for being so absent, a lot of things are going on, but here is my latest work, android 21 with a sexy double biceps pose.
I hope you like it,

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Android 21 🍬💖

Been watching a lot of fighterz content so I wanted to draw her :] sorry for going so long without art lolz

Hope you guys like it!

❤️🔁💬 Appreciated!

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[Comissions Open]
I made this icon for you, I know you love Goku's SSJ Blue. I hope you like the art, it's a gift and I'm not charging you anything. Keep up the good work on fighters Z and COMBO ON THEM!

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HEY..WHERE ARE YOU GOING...ill tell you, youll be going to https://t.co/GMR60liZZd BECAUSE will be live at 5pm est with some your not gonna want to miss out on Mo, and battle it out!

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Banda andaré poco activo unas semanas, estoy haciendo 9 comisiones de corrido xD también ya había echo un dibujito que no subiré hasta después del viernes o el viernes jejeje.

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