У меня заказали арт к фанфику💕❤ Заказчик такой пирожочек🥺
Ссылка на фанфик:

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Levi and Erwin sitting in a tree


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I’m a birthday girl today! 🎈🥳🎈
I’d like to gift everyone (and myself eheh) the Ecstasy of Saint Levi Ackerman between Paradis and Marley Erwin.❤️‍🔥🫦❤️‍🔥

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sorry sorry... haha-.. but
should I do some other things to him?

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if eruri isn't real, why "midnight sun" exists then?

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“they simply embraced one another tightly— a song of courtship echoing only for them to hear.” - birds of paradise: chp. 14

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“My best birthday gift would be to grow old with you...” (1/2)

It’s midnight in Japan so… happy birthday, dear Levi. ❤️

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Some titan Erwin AU as a treat. Consider it a holiday present from my brainworms to yours. 😘

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