"I long to stay where the light dwells, to guard against the cold that I know so well" #FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/7XXwP4qgj8

Dimitri's villain origin story. Legit though what made him finally snap? #FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/0E5AQgz6dT

[イラスト | カゲロウ]
カプチーノ〜 ☕️💕 #fireemblem #kagero #fanart https://t.co/ViuYGwgJri

heard the news about LGBT+ characters for FE three houses and i am very hype!!!! #FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/euvN7oWohl

i hope both baby dimitri and crazy timeskip dimitri know i love Him #fireemblem https://t.co/EUKu1JpHw7


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