Another side, another story:
A scene from a fight in some other, parallel world. #gunvolt #ガンヴォルトアート

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I wanna hop on the hypothetical vs battles trend, so here's my idea:
Asimov (Azure Striker Gunvolt) VS Carly Vanders/Kamen America (Kamen America) #KamenAmerica #KA #gunvolt #azurestrikergunvolt

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an interpretation of that one Gunvolt 2 conversation #gunvolt

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It's been a year ever since i got into gunvolt! #gunvolt #ガンヴォルト

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🔥This is a Smiling Twink. HE is goofy also and lovable.

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Thrilled to show everyone my lovely character print for Elise from Gunvolt 3!
Available at cons & online signings!

My friend @MikeLuckas perfectly captured all three of her personalities! HE IS SO GOOD Y'ALL!!
#Gunvolt3 #AzureStrikerGunvolt #Elise

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[GV] The Dragon Saviors’ bunny boss…! 🐰💖
#gunvolt #ガンヴォルト

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お気に入りのペンタブが壊れたので新しい板タブ買いました(Deco MW)。サイズが小さいから机周りがすっきりしていい~

#gunvolt #inticreates #インティ絵 #ガンヴォルトアート #イラスト #XPPen

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I forgot I did some drawings on tumblr that I didn't post here. These are from November

And yes that is Mighty No. 3 from Mighty No. 9 / Gunvolt Burst tryin' to eat a PB&J sandwich like the gremlin she is

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I see a fellow gunvolt fan 👀

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@zukoko_rkgk The way you draw Gunvolt characters is super adorable and I love it!! I'm definitely looking forward to more of them ☺️❤️
I still enjoy seeing your Hail drawing from February 2022 🥺💙

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@JiskeyJasket Azure striker gunvolt series? Guns, cybernetics, espers, and powersuits.

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Decided to draw more Gunvolt-related artwork.

This is probably one of my favorite pieces that I've made ^^

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