Don’t want to overdose on polls or headcanon posts, so I’ll instead say this:

Richard Horvitz once said that if Moxxie were to be a Batman villain, he would be The Riddler

…do with this information what you’d like

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who is more fuck??? richard horvitz falando consigo mesmo ou jonathan freeman falando consigo mesmo? jsjdkjskd

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Who your favourite Richard Steven Horvitz character

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@Chris50442051 Moxxie my favourite too 🙂
I love that Richard Steven Horvitz voices him

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(3/8) Birthday Illustrations - Part 2

- Mara Wilson (Mrs. Mayberry)
- Richard Horvitz (Moxxie)

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Richard Horvitz as Invader Zim will forever be one of the most iconic roles I've ever heard in animation, and SMITE not getting Richard to voice the Zim skin just feels so wrong in my opinion. Richard made ZIM iconic in every way possible! 😤

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@TMfromhell Maybe Richard Horvitz
Voice of these guys

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Angry Beavers Voices in CN Shows

Nick Bakay - Norbert from Angry Beavers(Nick) and Warlock from Ok Ko (CN)

Richard Horvitz - Daggett from Angry Beavers(Nick) and from Billy and Mandy(CN)

Cynthia Mann - Treeflower from Angry Beavers(Nick) and beach girl from Johnny Bravo(CN)

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Verlaine: Part 2 La Bleue (MP3, 5:58)
composition: John Zorn
Bass: Fred Frith
Guitar: Bill Frisell
Keyboards: Wayne Horvitz
Percussion: Joey Baron
it was part of a tribute to John Cage in 1993
for more see/listen👇 #music

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@horror4kids @EagleyeGreg He’s not the only one

Lani Loli is voice by Richard Horvitz aka Billy

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This Weekend's Voice Artist Spotlight: Richard S. Horvitz @RichardHorvitz
Born: July 29, 1966
Notable Roles: Invader ZIM, Billy (Grim Adventures), Alpha-5 (Power Rangers), Dagget (Angry Beavers)
@CursedAni #InvaderZim

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Yeshua's stays the same, with his being Razputin (Psychonauts 1/2). I like the calmer performance Richard Steven Horvitz does here, but love that there are tons of examples of him being more chaotic with it (Invader Zim) which fits Yesh.

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I Am Not Immune To Richard Horvitz

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10. Zim

One of the most chaotic and funny characters and performances I've seen in a show. Richard Horvitz goes so hard with his energetic and spasmodic delivery with this character that it's nearly impossible not to find him entertaining to watch

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Richard Horvitz is a treasure.

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Richard Horvitz as Diesel…

…would be amazing just to hear his Zim voice cut out of him.

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Throwback to when I met Richard Horvitz and Grey DeLisle-Griffin at NYCC 2018 and made them say the “buenos dias Mandy” meme and @ildrewvenire actually put that into the redrawn comic by @lolwutburger

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Future Designs for Razputin Aquato and Lili Zanotto , but you know, better than the last time I drew them! (yes im going to overuse these tags THEY HAVE LIL RAZ EMOJIS)

thank you nicki rapp and richard horvitz for always being stellar VAs...

#Psychonauts #Psychonauts2

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