fun piece that I digitally colored over of a physical sketch I did of our girl Millie #milliefanart #moxxie #HazbinHotel #HelluvaBoss #procreate #cartoon #RichardHorvitz #EricaLindbeck

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Richard Horvitz is a treasure.

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Richard Horvitz as Diesel…

…would be amazing just to hear his Zim voice cut out of him.

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Throwback to when I met Richard Horvitz and Grey DeLisle-Griffin at NYCC 2018 and made them say the “buenos dias Mandy” meme and @ildrewvenire actually put that into the redrawn comic by @lolwutburger

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Future Designs for Razputin Aquato and Lili Zanotto , but you know, better than the last time I drew them! (yes im going to overuse these tags THEY HAVE LIL RAZ EMOJIS)

thank you nicki rapp and richard horvitz for always being stellar VAs...

#Psychonauts #Psychonauts2

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Sorry to be bearer of bad news, but some of the Nicktoons actors have stated there will be no voice acting for the new Nickelodeon fighting game. The voice of Zim, Richard Horvitz was mad that they kept hiding that fact from advertising

They are not using archive audio either

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Today’s Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss Haul. 1 signed print received, 3 more to go. Also can we please take some time to admire what a gem Richard Horvitz is? 🥺❤️🙏🏽

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Oh yeah, Lani-Loli and Billy are also voiced by the same VA, Richard Steven Horvitz.

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@VivziePop WOW! 😯
This is going to be cool
I have a question for Richard Horvitz and the question is...
Whats it like playing Moxxie on the show

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Richard Horvitz is inarguably a voice acting legend, and y’all can’t change my mind about it.

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I think Richard Steven Horvitz as Zim is one of the most perfectly casted voices of all time!

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Which 2 characters surprisingly have the same VA?
I only knew Richard Horvitz as the voice of Alpha 5 in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but it was a surprise for me that he was the voice of Zim, the main protagonist of Invader Zim.

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@fuchsianeko Plus ya know Richard Horvitz ftw

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For Grey Matter

I don't know if I'd necessarily want it pitched like Richard Horvitz was, but either way, given his range I think Billy West could do it

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Even more updates for the #HelluvaBoss cast signing! Fresh off the drawing board (or tablet) from @hntrgurl13, this lovely duo print of #Moxxie and #Millie, signed by Richard Horvitz and Vivian Nixon, is now available on the store page!

Still got more coming!

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My epic crisis for today:

The new #HelluvaBoss ep drops in 25 minutes. But I also have a zoom class all day with @/RichardHorvitz that starts in 25 minutes. Oh the irony...

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just sent off an email to be in one of richard horvitz's classes in april and i'm HOPING to god i made it before it capped.

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