Future Designs for Razputin Aquato and Lili Zanotto , but you know, better than the last time I drew them! (yes im going to overuse these tags THEY HAVE LIL RAZ EMOJIS)

thank you nicki rapp and richard horvitz for always being stellar VAs...

#Psychonauts #Psychonauts2

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Today’s Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss Haul. 1 signed print received, 3 more to go. Also can we please take some time to admire what a gem Richard Horvitz is? 🥺❤️🙏🏽

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Oh yeah, Lani-Loli and Billy are also voiced by the same VA, Richard Steven Horvitz. https://t.co/bKgrchNIyv

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@VivziePop WOW! 😯
This is going to be cool
I have a question for Richard Horvitz and the question is...
Whats it like playing Moxxie on the show

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Richard Horvitz is inarguably a voice acting legend, and y’all can’t change my mind about it.

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I think Richard Steven Horvitz as Zim is one of the most perfectly casted voices of all time!

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Which 2 characters surprisingly have the same VA?
I only knew Richard Horvitz as the voice of Alpha 5 in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but it was a surprise for me that he was the voice of Zim, the main protagonist of Invader Zim. https://t.co/Z7SuIyhWuM

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@fuchsianeko Plus ya know Richard Horvitz ftw

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Even more updates for the #HelluvaBoss cast signing! Fresh off the drawing board (or tablet) from @hntrgurl13, this lovely duo print of #Moxxie and #Millie, signed by Richard Horvitz and Vivian Nixon, is now available on the store page!

Still got more coming!

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My epic crisis for today:

The new #HelluvaBoss ep drops in 25 minutes. But I also have a zoom class all day with @/RichardHorvitz that starts in 25 minutes. Oh the irony...

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just sent off an email to be in one of richard horvitz's classes in april and i'm HOPING to god i made it before it capped.

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English Voice Actor (Richard Steven Horvitz)

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#SkylandsHistoria's first 'protagonist'
Say hello to the tiny tyrant before he was a tyrant! Kaos Horvitz, the middle child to a dysfunctional family, just trying his best to prove he's worth something in this unusual world known as Skylands.
* #skylanders #refsheet

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Hidden life, by Robert Horvitz. Source: https://t.co/ybrn0VKBuv

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@aliensben10puto Artrópode

Primeira Aparição: Washington A.C.

Dubladores: (EUA) Richard Horvitz (Ben 10)
Carlos Alzaqui (A Corrida Contra o Tempo)
Eric Bauza (Omniverse); (BR) Pedro Eugênio.

Aparências: (OV) (OV 11 anos) (UAF) (Clássico)

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