He remainds me to hyesung

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😏Bad Kid Good Partner: https://t.co/8SjckLpbbr

💟Hyesung, llama la atención del público después de salir en las noticias como el novio del mujeriego Shin Yoo-il
🤔¿El escándalo con este actor famoso, más conocido como Shin-vergüenza, ayudará o hundirá a Hyesung?

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Ósea fargo se dio a la tarea de hacer un Dojin Idol, como corresponde a la cultura del kpop y aún así no lo entienden, el Hyesung lo dice, los idols los maquillan para que se vean más andrógenos pero que triste tener que explicar.

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// • Side story update

OMG welcome back babies, Park dojin, Kim Hyesung, Park Byul & Yoon Heesoo waaaaa 😭🥰😚😚😚

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Buyl and hyesung want to dojin shooting.Dojin was very shocked when he see they came to him.

Buyl even make a postcard to give his daddy.Dojin is so touch when he see the postcard 😭💜

You guys see dojin married ring?
It is so sweet and beautiful

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sigh oh shit here we go again.
if you hate me so.

i liked this one a lot more than love is an illusion. don’t care for the main couple hence i am using my beloveds for this image. also liked hyesung and dojin here better and how it’s a toxic triangle instead. it’s prettier too.

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HYESUNG......... OH BABY.......

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AKU SUKA SAMA JIWOO😭😭 Padahal awal aku nyoba baca novel ini gara2 si Hyesung (ML), tapi makin kesini malah makin jatuh cinta sama Jiwoo😭😭🤚 She's an angel, cinnamon roll, cutipie. I want to be friends with her!!!

Makin kesini makin seru ceritanya Jiwoo gemesin banget🤧

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let’s enjoy every small things~
good morning ☀️

Yesung Sensory Flows

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🦊🩵🦋 Thank you for this b-day present, which is your album coming out today!

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Taehyung agradeceu à Hyesung, músico que trabalhou no cover de “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”.

“O cover do V foi postado no YouTube e no SoundCloud. É uma grande honra participar desse projeto incrível. Aproveitem! Feliz Natal a todos!”

🐻: Obrigado Hyesung 🔥

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[ x Instagram]

V a liké et commenté le post du musicien Hyesung.
👤Le cover de V a été publié sur YT et SoundCloud. C'est un honneur d'avoir participé à ce beau projet. Profitez en! Joyeux Noël !
🐻 Hyesung, merci 🔥
L👤😭 Merci, hyung❤️

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221224 Taehyung liked and commented on musician Hyesung’s IG post
👤V's cover song has been uploaded on YouTube and SoundCloud It's an honor to participate in this great project. enjoy it! Merry Christmas, everyone!
🐻hyesung, thank you🔥
L👤😭thank you, hyung❤️

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Taehyung liked and thanked Musician Hyesung who worked with him on his Christmas cover via his Instagram post

Tae : thank you, hyesung-ah 🔥
👤 : 😭thank you, hyung ❤️


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Hyesung (hyeshyes_) via IG

“it's an honour to participate in this great project. Enjoy it”

He participated in the cover (view credits)

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