This is my artwork for the Contest 💀💓💜

I hope you enjoy this amazing skull 😏
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A new month has begun. I am making a new collection . Landscapes. Quick sketches with traditional materials. They were created quickly, but I still remember the emotions from that place.

Link below

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หนุ่มๆตลกคาเฟ่ เอ้ย หนุ่มๆคาเฟ่ฟิวเซียหลากมุม หลากสไตล์ ม้อบแม้บๆ🌷🥹🤌

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I'm still in taxi, but I always here and you are in my heart♥️

💰Only 8 Strong Women before BIG GIVEAWAY of 0.08 $eth
Secondary can participate too🚀

And eyes still waiting for you👀

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I gave her a mermaid tail and when she goes to land it'll turn into legs. The sweater underwater doesn't make sense but I really like her to wear her sweater.

I think its really cute.

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The galactic butterfly 🦋
10/20 available
Who is the next person wants to have this magical 3d butterfly in his/her collection?

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It's been a while since I realized that if I do anything in a way that I can enjoy it and be happy
That work is done in the best way.
Do it with pleasure🥰

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Oh My god , I can't believe My Eyes You don't know How You make Me Happy 😍😍 2 editions Sold
From Talented and Respectful artist
I Really appreciate Your Support 😍😍 Thank you so so much 😍
3/5 edition still available

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Wishful Thinking ver.Alpha (Remake) update.
Download here:

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makeup entries. 2 & 3 inspo curtesy of ppl on Reddit <3

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some .flow fanart is long overdue

i've been experimenting with different brushes and i really like how this came out

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we'll be playing lovely sweet dream today!
I made this drawing as a wallpaper for it. Come watch! Or play it yourself!!!
You can download it here:

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