i got these sketches of irida/kai from two years ago lying around so might as well post them for the 2nd pokemon legends arceus anniversary trademark

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ショウちゃん & カイちゃん / Akari & Irida

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I drew Miridae, an ENVtuber! Thank you for your request ✨.

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i recently saw that irida and adaman were added to pokemas which is cool

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⭐ Topic Trainer Lodge (Irida) 2.34.0 + New Topic for other Trainer

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53日目 ショウちゃんコスのカイちゃん
Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus Irida

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Pairidaeza's Dreams

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-Constelación Canon del Paraíso o Huertos de Pairidaeza:

Hace referencia al jardín oculto de la Diosa de las flores Nabu Malikata

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I drew a Meihr fanart as my entry for 's dtiys challenge!
I really enjoyed the whole time.

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