「Leave it to me!」 #hannibal #Hannigram


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#CatDay #reddie
#猫の日 #ねこの日

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It's fail but i'm still want to post it x"D

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#mdzs #忘羡

是私稿 勿用~
please do not use, it is a commission~

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@runasamaa here you goooo ^0^/ it was a pleasure doodling your dragon lady~
#ffxiv #clipstudiopaint

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fuck it!!! (shrinks my girlfriend)

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Og got a hold of the new and improved Pork Shock V 2.0. It wasn't too hard to enlist Gron for a practice run, almost two years later.

(Old version for comparison)

I'm still here, just hibernating.

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Zamasu started at full health. Vegito didn’t have his active skill but after I used Rose’s active, it counted as a turn. So I got it after LMAO That’s crazy...

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just want to share how my style has been changing throughout my life. I'm an easily bored person and love to try new things especially when it comes to art. now I just realised that I have completely forgotten how to paint like 2014...
ps. I grew up with FF! and a bit of AC haha

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My final addition to my @NS2 redesign series: The Onos.
"Named after the first words uttered upon it's discovery, the Onos is the living dreadnought of the Hive Kharaa."

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After joining the zootopia police force, Nick wasn't used to having so much disposable cash on hand! He picked up snacking as a side hobby because of the convenience but it quickly got out of control!

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[RTs 💖} Hello! My shop's finally open again ❤️ TYSM for your patience!! It'll remain open till March 2nd! There's limited stock for all products this time! https://t.co/OlAFGbPPl9

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Been a while since I’ve said I’d do it, and it’s finally there ! ^^ a calm ambient cover of Starlane Stroll, « Starlane Lullaby », for @GooseworxMusic :3
Listen to it here : https://t.co/xWJtyDdWDA

Original music by Gooseworx here : https://t.co/OByTzAnYmN

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⛱ email or dm me
thanks! as many as you know i recently moved into a new place so it really helps

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i watched watamote bc i listened to @sewerslvt's pretty cvnt and i don't regret it. #わたモテ #tomoko

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Breh, now I can draw really smol on Post-Its, but instead of just ballpoint I can do it in gel pen. Or: I like my Post-its black just like my metal

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w.i.p redraw of amane scene in episode 6...striving to get it done this weekend #JibakuShounenHanakokun #toiletboundhanakokun #amaneyugi #イラスト

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I've had this idea for a while and wanted to do a large piece, but I thought I'd test out whether it works before. Wanted to also try and make it as symmetrical as possible.

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also lil Bad, I keep never drawing his face how I want but I think i got it this time

smooches that ugly handsome undead mug

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@Bactover I have it saved from august of last year!

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