I am so excited about Jun being back. She’s always been one of my favorites

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Art made by Yoodotann

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Welcome back to Tekken Asuka Kazama. Hope she had her old Hakama as an option in Tekken 8

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I smell a Jun Kazama gameplay trailer nearing very veneers soon. 👀

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= 6 Fanart Challenge! =
Thanks to my Insta fans for the suggestions. Here are the six I’ve chosen to draw for this occasion. It was awesome~

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Soma is a messenger pigeon who originally belonged to Jun.
He often follows Jin around.
Since Jin knows that Jun sent him, he appreciates the bird’s company, as Soma does his.

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Hashire sori yo, kaze no you ni, tsukimihara wo, padoru padoru

Thanks for (Twitter) / Kharisma Aprilia who is drawing Santa alisa, Santa Jun and Santa Asuka!

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Got a blessing by mama jun and got a support from asuka and alisa!

Why lili looks so confuse? XD

Art by : (Twitter)

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Staring you with smile 🙂
Jun kazama's art by : Humaan (Facebook)

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My first tweet ever lol, I've been lurking in the back real hard for years, enjoy this Jun Kazama art I made, WELCOME BACK JUN!!

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I'm so glad Jun Kazama is returning in Tekken 8!

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