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Yeah, 2020 sucked, but it was also the year I truly got back into making art; especially art of Amy. #AmyRose #MyArtworks2020 #SonicTheHedgehog

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Made a slut OC, soon making more nsfw stuff. Like fucking? Yup
#OC #NSFW #myartworks2020 #myart

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I thought I would share my fav works from the year. :) #myartworks2020

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Wanted to get a new drawing out right before the new year ended with a new Robo-Scizor! Interesting to compare to my stuff from the start of the year.
#artsummary2020 #pokemon #Artof2020 #myartworks2020 #digitalart

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Here they are, as promised, all in one place. @smithsmm ‘s Top 40 recommendations #BestPictureBooks2020

Check this out - Simon Smith’s #BestPictureBooks2020 via @Wakelet https://t.co/qO5dRimsdW

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💫 Happy New Year 💫

I had a lot of pleasure to draw for you all this year so here my own fave artworks I drew in 2020 ! 💗💫
Can't wait to draw for you in 2021 ! #bestartworks2020 #bestart #topnine2020

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Ya que va a terminar el año, me he puesto a mirar mis trabajos, y he escogido uno de cada estilo de los que me siento orgulloso. Ya sea por lo que hay detrás o el dibujo en sí.

El de las trollsonas fue hecho en paint. #myartworks2020

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This is the year that I started with digital, I hope to keep improving. #2020年自分が選ぶ今年の4枚 #myartworks2020

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And so the year is over. Shit wacky. Here's 4 of my favorites from the year, it was kinda hard to pick cuz I did mostly sketches this year lol. #myartworks2020

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If anyone is interested in really dope art, a good of mine has a end-of-year sale going on his store: https://t.co/JJBz6hjMeA
Code: THANKS2020

He also takes commissions and made my pfp! Hit him up on ig @/marcuscthomas if you're interested!

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