Already know you've seen my post on TickTalk, but I thought I'd put it here too

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joined dtiys!!

(i know the original are clouds but the colors reminded me too much of water so i changed a bit hope its okay!)

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Especiales de epoca decembrina!!! en enero porque sigue haciendo frio y mientras siga haciendo frio estamos en epocas de cosas lindas de parejas en invierno uvu

Ahora CON EL LEOSAGI!!!! 🐇🐢

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anyway there they are. Spent a long time figuring if they had scarves in Rural 1940s Japan. It was worth it.

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DTIYS !!!!


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pspsp to my enjoyers. i finally finished the fic attached to these art pieces and i hope you enjoy<3

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No one talks about Smooth-AF-Customer!Leo and I want to talk about that. (This isn’t meant to be sexual! I’m thinking Leo’s telling him bad pickup lines for a free pizza!)

Inspired by on Tiktok.

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Now with an added Human ver. of Usagi with scruff because 2003 had him with fur on the sides of his face, so hence the scruff. ✨🙄

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Yeah, it’s based off that one Leo DiCaprio, Romeo and Juliet scene.

Look at these gay bitches staring at glowy blobs of fish. I had to make a whole human design for them just for this shit.✨😂

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