sooae thought that dohwa would be mad (like minwoo) bcs shes winning the game but instead, dohwa praised her saying shes really good and she smiled with relief 🥺

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sooae won the game and she was scared that dohwa would be pissed off like minwoo did but instead, he praised her ! 🙇🏻‍♀️

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"habis sudah, kwon minwoo. aku... terpikat dengan onyu park." -minwoo pada dirinya sendiri.
minwoo sorry but everyone know it before you 😭

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kr comments on this scene are all badmouthing raim but cant we talk about minwoo being such a loser?? he just doesnt want what he used to have be stolen by others thats why he got back with sooae. he's still meeting raim in secret and cares more about her???

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Su-ae asking eun-hyuk to date her so she could make minwoo jealous..👀

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"minwoo has strong self-esteem. he hated being ignored and losing rather than dying. kang minwoo losing his gf to his friend? hes probably going to die"

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alasan utamanya: karna minwoo tau dia ganteng. mingyu juga. 🤣

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I'ma so sorry qquuquuqqqqq aHHHH forgive me, you can get the uncensored version of the middle finger of Minwoo as an apologize and the others too uwu happy birthday once again :3

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minyu crumbs from tonight's chapter of the fox club 🎈

the way minwoo cant take his eyes off of onyu 🥹🫶

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Hate that Minwoo is a fictional character, a mere drawing and not my man 😭😭😭.

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oh there's another EAW illus 🤩 it's tactician minwoo and wild card youngwoo

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when onyu accidentally touched minwoo's chest and he told her to take responsibility bc he thought she felt his heart beating so fast for her 😭❤️

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