This is part of the Obstagoon image pack of this month.
Includes nude and mature version available now!!
Characters by Nintendo
Art by Tokenworks
2020 #bara #furry #pokemon #obstagoon #pokemongo

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riots asleep, obstagoon....settagoon...y'know the vibes

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I wanna get a shiny Obstagoon & name it Danzig #pokemon

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Encounter 2: Give him a compliment, what's the worst that could happen?
(with @Cappuchilla's Vivi and some other familiar faces. Gambit the obstagoon is mine. She's ..aggressively supportive). #pokemon #PokemonSwordSheild #morgrem #pontya #meowstic #obstagoon #ギモー #ポニータ

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Today's Pokémon is Gene Simmons. It has a threatening posture and let's out a deafening roar to scare it's opponents. Just like the real Gene Simmons. #PokemonOfTheDay #Pokemon #SwordAndShield #Obstagoon

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#obstagoon #gijinka from my #pokemon shield team! 💪🔪🦝

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Hey! Check out this piece @telltalecoyote did for me! They did really great, and super-fast work... Obstagoon, represent!😝

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Fuck it, pride obstagoon plush

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Rapidash, Milotic, Dragapult y Obstagoon shiny 6IVs.

🔸1 ganador
🔸Finaliza el miércoles

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My trainer and her shiny obstagoon, Clarabell!

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I got an INCREDIBLE Obstagoon TF piece from @Choccy_Badger - thank you so much <3 #tfeveryday

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January Reward: Obstagoon from Pokemon

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Finished commission of @SmolScrapper’s obstagoon gal Tripp!

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And here is @SmolScrapper’s bamf of an obstagoon girl. Thanks again for commissioning me for this absolute delight of a poke.

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@rainboreal Ohh neat idea

Honestly Obstagoon has just become my favourite pokémon atm because my zigzagoon was basically my shield starter

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