P: Shit. This-a woman screams like-a crazy...

F: Hello pretty man

P: Mi scusi Signorina, but i don't come from Italy to fall in love with another Italian.

F:I'm from Argentenia sweetheart.#pizzatower

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Day 6 of ~!
Touching foreheads with Queen and Rosé 🥺

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“You just want attention, I knew from the start.”

Song Inspo: Attention by Charlie Puth

I liked it with folder more. Olivia and Toshinori whispering about work (maybe.)

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Day 5 of - Tend to injury + “forgive me” with Queen and Rosé~

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A super late day 4 of ;;

Cuddling with Queen and Rosé!

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// fgo夢

[ 🏡💙💚 Day 7 : Modern Day AU (+ Marriage) ]

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Day 4: Cuddling

yeah i'm still doing this. yeah i did one of my yugiohsona.

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// fgo夢

[ 💙 Day 4 : “Take me with you!”]

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♥️ ♥️ day2! Dancing
Im late but i really wanted to draw Sophie and Gawain dancing! i tried to reference some medieval dance. Sophie lacks rhytm sense so im sure they'll step on Gawain's feet but they're trying their best for him and he's enjoying himself!

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[fgo oc/canon 🩰🦋]
dancing + holding hands for !

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Extra Day of
🥀 “I’d die for you…” 🥀

Was this just a reason to make an Addams Family reference?? Yeah kinda. 🤷

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Brushing Hair & Kiss
Keigo "Hawks" Takami from My hero Academia/Boku No hero Academia and my hair hero Mai Corazon

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the bonus day of 💕 “kiss”
This one in canon outfits since i didnt the rest of the week haha
Thank you to event mods for setting this up! Yall are lovely for this :>

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