Palutena reward for @JustSatori. Ara Ara energy levels are critical☢

Kid Icarus x Akame Ga Kill (Crossover)
Viridi- Mine
Palutena-Najenda #Nintendo

commission for JLoTheCholo! It's Palutena!
Thank you so much for commissioning me 🥰💕

Palutena - You don't actually know how side-B works, you just throw it out and hope it kills.

had to make another palutena doodle since the one i made during an art block was haunting me

Palutena after dying at 50% to Ganon's fsmash 2 times in a row

Kid Icarus Uprising in a Nutshell
Palutena is the best Mom?) #Nintendo

palutena and lucina in some pastel girl outfits! (re-uploaded to fix some errors)


Buhitter! 検索