This week's PokéMonday is... Dusknoir!

All Dusknoir fans enjoy the mystery dungeon games, there's no exceptions. Good 'mon.

Drawn live over on twitch! ttv/smilkyshake 🐻💕

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This week's PokéMonday is... Greavard!

This little ghost puppy does make me a little bit uncomfortable but I do think they're pretty neat, their evolution though...

Drawn live over on twitch! ttv/smilkyshake 🐻💕

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PoV: you are an explorer team

(I realize I am not a joker... anyway, this was suggested by some time ago)

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This week's is...

THIS LITTLE MUSHROOM, I love it so much, light of my life. I'm not sure what it is about Shroomish that made me always want to train one as a kid, it's just so cute!!

Drawn live over at: 🐻💕

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This week's is...

Egg... I love Togepi in Pikachu's Vacation so much, every time I play HGSS I feel so compelled to use the Togepi egg you get! My last one was called Sheldon 👉👈

Drawn live over at: 🐻💕

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I drew my mystery dungeon team and was planning on posting it on cause I was hoping for an announcement, silly me. I’m the Skitty, Sugar the Pikachu and Remina the Baltoy. Team Sweets

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I know I’m a bit late, but here’s some art from a while back for !! (1/2)

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Pokémon Day! I wouldn’t miss the anniversary of one of my favorite game franchises!

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just to celebrate the and the dlc for sv 💚

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27周年バンザーイ!🥳🎁🎉I love Pokémon!!

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sketches of some of my favs

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