Idk how to 3d model so lets just draw🤪🤪
My first UGC conceptttttt🥹🥹 Love explosion purse<33


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Halloween shitpost

Ow man the times where everybody was dancing with this person the Mia khalifa song, without knowing this now will become the theme of a roblox no no video 💀


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Third Digital Art for this month! 🫶🏼🎉🥳

Ft. My cousin's avatar 🙄😌


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Commission for and
Ty for commissioning me

For everyone who commissioned me please do be patient my phone is broken and I'm using my moms phone to edit for now

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UGC CONCEPT Star waist Chain!
After messing around with blender for some time I finally made my first UGC concept!! very excited about this
-likes and rts appreciated :>

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