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SDXL 0.9を試してみた。baseのみとbase+refinerで生成してみる。Midjourney クラスだわ。

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SDXL 0.9が申請した人に続々許可が出てるらしい?


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Current state of my finetuning of
Please welcome AnyLoRA XL (with different substyles).
Using DreamShaper as refiner here

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First tries on SDXL.
from the paper it's using penultimate layers so it's probably better to add clip skip2 on comfy? Didn't check the exact impl here. The last sd1 i2i is to remove the refiner "artstation-ish" bias. seems to work pretty well for hand fixes

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テキストから画像を生成する新しい画像生成AI「SDXL 0.9」が発表された。Stable Diffusionの様々なバージョンの中で最も高性能とのこと。まずは研究用の公開で、7月中旬には改良を加えてオープンリリースとのこと(左の画像は以前のSDXL Beta、右の画像が最新のSDXL 0.9)

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3. Color painting

Color painting in SDXL gives a smooth touch.
Change the color by putting prompt like complementary, split complementary,triadic or tetradic.

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Wow! It's actually really good!
The 2 first ones were instant (with SDXL), while if you use DALL-E you may spend over 100 credits (the 3rd); it's worth it tho

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Very cool prompt! Here's our results using SDXL. These are in the order of your prompt, and the /describe prompt. 🐵

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Growing up with multiple blends of religions and races, I found these AI Arts to be liberating.

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