Adjusted her eyebrows a bit and put her in my favorite color from SFIV! #Sakura #StreetFighter #CAPCOM

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#SFIV #格ゲーキャラ描こうぜ

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おめでとうございます🌵( '-' 🌵 )サボチャン
#SFIV #格ゲーキャラ描こうぜ

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this is the closest im gonna get

(tho specifically SFIV juri)

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#SFIII #SFIV #格ゲーキャラ描こうぜ

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7月18日はストリートファイターシリーズのC.ヴァイパーさんの誕生日です おめでとうございます(っ'-')╮=͟͟͞͞🎂

#SFIV #格ゲーキャラ描こうぜ

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You guys remember the early trap Abel concept for #SFIV? I member! #Abel #StreetFighter

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Finished a commission to draw Patty Wagon from #MightySwitchForce in the Bison outfit alt that Cammy wore in SFIV.

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I didn't really like his gameplay but found his design so fun and outrageous. #Hakan #SFIV #SF4

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getting my SFIV tournament edition fight stick modded this weekend, can’t wait!!

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#Nowplaying Theme of Cammy -SFIV Arrange-

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@sherryjenix We've done a bunch of Viper art over the years. She was one of the leads of our SFIV mini-series.

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I went back and turned my warm up sketches into Street Fighter characters. Now I want to play #SF2 or maybe #SFIV .

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TASTE OF THE H! The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross Ep. 64 (Ultra SFIV Gameplay)

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Rental car broken into. Bag stolen, but my 26 point of articulation SFIV figure remains. Criminals have no class.

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