Happy Belated Birthday Tokiya !!
#utapri_tokiya_BD2020 #ShiningBday_Tokiya

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Your songs never fail to cheer me up, thank you !
Happy Birthday Tokiya ! <3
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(Birthday Notice) Special time with you... A promise to spend the day alone on a birthday cruise. Head to the meeting place to start the birthday celebrations with Tokiya! #utapri_tokiya_BD2020 #ShiningBday_Tokiya #ShiningLive https://t.co/nsEmqtB85x

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(Birthday Notice) 8/6 is Tokiya's birthday! Happy birthday! Celebrate with a special birthday UR and special birthday missions! Check the details in-game! #utapri_tokiya_BD2020 #ShiningBday_Tokiya #ShiningLive https://t.co/nsEmqtB85x

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You're my biggest source of inspiration. Thank you for always giving your best!! Shine bright like the purest jewel in the night sky💎✨🌃
Happy Birthday, My beloved Prince💜✨
#utapri_Tokiya_BD2020 #ShiningBday_Tokiya #一ノ瀬トキヤ誕生祭2020

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Happy birthday!!! 💜💜💜💜
To the very handsome and a wonderful singing idol, who is one of STARISH's members. The one that captivates my heart that's going TokiDoki! ^^
#utapri_tokiya_BD2019 #ShiningBday_Tokiya

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Happiest Birthday, Tokiya! Thank you for lighting up my life. #utapri_tokiya_BD2019 #ShiningBday_Tokiya

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[JP story]
My org had a talk on talk on anime and Shakespeare. And there was this Hamlet where one of the characters was voiced by Mamoru Miyano. I tried to roll when he spoke and one roll gave me a rainbow star and wet tokiya came home. #utapri_tokiya_BD2019 #ShiningBday_Tokiya

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[EN story] My first Tokiya UR as you can see is this the My Only Prince which came home in the 3rd(?) step. I was so happy to have at least one My Only Prince card. And it gave me hope for the next few steps. #utapri_tokiya_BD2019 #ShiningBday_Tokiya

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Happy Birthday, Ichinose "Tortilla"~ I may have no time lately, but I still can devote some of it to you 💜 #ShiningBday_Tokiya #utapri_tokiya_BD2018

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Happy birthday Tokiya ❤️❤️💜💜

pulled an old drawing of mine but one of my faves lol.
#utapri_tokiya_BD2018 #ShiningBday_Tokiya

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