“Because they’re staying warm, they don’t realize how cold it is outside. Life is just calm and happy for them.”
– Moon Dong Eun [The Glory]

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Actor shared his experience working with & about relying on Lee Dohyun and watching Song Hye Kyo concentrates on set.

"Watching the two of them act, make me learned a lot as an actor."

[More on pic] https://t.co/CS5QEjlkQy

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& chemistry is chemistrying~ from comradeship, to sunbae hoobae, Go sanctuary, to partner in crime. Idk if their romance will go bigger, but them together is fresh note in bleak winter, and their chemistry really want to make you root for them

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I've finished all 8 episodes of Part 1. A phenomenal performance from though i was expecting her character to be more brutal and savagely violent. Maybe they're saving it for part 2, the real revenge just about to start.

It reminds me of
8/10 from me!

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Siap-siap guys comebacknya di drama wiihh gila sih pemerannya serbuk berlian semua . Katanya sih tayang november nanti.

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Couple terluv ku, andai dulu gua nnton dots di tahun 2017 beh seneng banget gua pasti tapi sayangnya gua baru nnton di tahun 2020. Udah cerei merekanya, tapi yaudahlah yh.

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im back with my kyoxruby fanart 😅

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