Marie and Amy hanging out. Drawn for this week's Friday Features!

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Back in August 2020, just for fun, I made this “what if” DeviantArt of Classic & trapped between the sealed door & the barrel of doom in Carnival Night Zone. In Amy will actually get to go to the carnival after all.

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congrats to anton's daughter amy rose for becoming playable in a classic game officially!
experimented with her in-game palette, decided i'll never be doing this again.

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Now that Amy is a playable character for Sonic Origins Plus, I hope they give her a super form. I don't really mind her fur being yellow or rose gold for her super form. I chose rose gold just bc it fits her.

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Classic Amy is finally getting the spotlight she deserves in Sonic Origins Plus!! Here she is! (Man I missed drawing sonic characters).

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well as most made theory that we can see classic Amy have super shape with the announcement that it will be playable in Origins + make my own version of how i imagines her 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💗✨🦔🔨😊

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my take on super (classic) amy !!! make her rose gold sega cmon

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DLC released, and Amy confirmed, Clucth and Mimic are back, and new Sonic Channel art revealed, this Thursday was definitely Sonic 😆

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