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im literally not on twitter ever but my friend showed me this tweet and i had to draw it otherwise id explode. Anyways

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ポムフィオーレ寮 x HALLOWEEN 🍎

giveaway + PO opens mid-April, ships world wide ✈️

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Guess this is the closest I’m getting to seeing BL in TWST 😳
But in all seriousness, this scene was so cute. I loved seeing that side of Vil. He truly appreciates and cares so much about them. His tough love really is love 🥹💕

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Reposting my 2022 art in celebration of Chapter 6, Part 2's release 🤍

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[ OC Art ]
A quick(ish) doodle for my baby boy's birthday!!🥹🥳💕
For those who haven't met him yet, this is Yugyeom! He's my main oc and he's currently the Ramshackle Dorm Prefect!

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The babies are doneee 😭✨🥰

Lovely commission for my friend Ed ✨

(This is not a ship art, simply the characters the commissioner likes the most making an heart for them)

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HI HELLO this is me asking for smore twst moots uhh i draw and im cool so yea

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Hello folks, Here is the first Dorm of my First Dance Twst Acrylic Keychains Set!
Other dorms coming soon!

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happy union bday azul on twsten day i revamped one of my fav edits xoxo

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I have no idea how to color Idia's hair.😅😅

Anyways, here's to commemorate the release of Chapter 6 in Twisted Wonderland EN~~

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i love that they still keep idia's megara influences in his character for twsten

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