My OC Ashley cosplay as Vermeli from Vermeli in Gold x3 I worked so hard to get hair and eye details right <3

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Sister Vermeil… (⌒-⌒; ) ヴェルメイユ、あなたの為に私は祈ります。

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I also drew Vermeil last time, I forgot posting it here. 🥹 My phone went lagging while creating this artwork HAHAHAHAHAHA 😭

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Tried to make a fan art of Vermeil from "Kinsou no Vermeil"/"Vermeil in gold"

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Vermeil usando sólo un delantal (〃ω〃). /// Vermeil wearing only an apron (〃ω〃).

Anime: Kinsou no Vermeil.

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Redraw Fanart Commission of Vermeil from Kinsou no Vermeil
Can't post other artworks, still busy with fiverr gigs

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done drawing Vermeil from Vermeil in Gold. ✨

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Vermeil (Fanart)
Este el el dibujo que estaba preparando desde ayer.

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Love hearing as Vermeil that's why I thought I could make a fanart. Can't wait to hear more of her!

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“The Scourge of Humanity”

Fun simple sketch of vermeil coz I’m in love with her

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