Super cropped sneak peak at the wip of vora, it will be finished at some point, hopefully this year lmao
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Colouring the Vora thingy but idk wether to make her eyes 2 different colours or not?

In my mind she’s like losing her powers and fading back to her original self BUT she reminds me of sans and that’s a no no lmao

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#Paladins #Vora #Corvus

colored sketch for my soul 🎃

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Probably the ONLY Paladins fat art in current year, here's some weeks-old art of big Vora Paladins because fuck it, her lore involves being the harbinger of an ever-hungry god and damn if I'm not gonna capitalize

Commissions remain open and ongoing!

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Vora - Doce Morte

Uma ideia inspirada em um espirito de vingança, que desperta do "Grito silencioso" de crianças que sofreram algum tipo de crueldade, ela tem diversos simbolismos pelo corpo
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Some Vora booty I drew for Patreons!!

Really like Vora even if I dont play her, she just has a really sexy design... nice!

Anyway check out patreon for extra versions of this!!

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TW // slight body horror
Maybe i'll color the corrupted Vora later, time to eat !! #paladinsart

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Pre-corruption Vora, next is her corrupted version !! #paladinsart

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another very special fanart of Orchid Madam Vora made by this fellow u/Sir_Vile on Reddit! he did an amazing job on this cover artwork! #Paladins #PaladinsGame #PaladinsFanArt #PaladinsArt #Vora #OrchidMantisVora #FanArt

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Thank you Thea for this amazing art of Kazuha and Vora my favourite characters ✨

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