Two more of these beauties before they are all gone.

58 sales today and only 105 listed from 11 111.

Got a fun project lined up using the this space 👀

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Since everyone love , so we give it more to you guys!🥳


🎁 3x YogaPetz WL to giveaway

1⃣Follow , , , and
3⃣Tag friends

⏰Ends 48 hrs
We Like Yoga!

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🎨 x 🧘

🎁 3x YogaPetz WL to giveaway

1⃣Follow , , and
3⃣Tag 3 friends

Ends 48 hrs
We Like Yoga!

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Got this 🔥 airdrop called ‘Lost in Madness’ for attending a live Art with Arief session 🙏🙏🙏

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amazing work by such a humble and hard-working team. So thrilled for their success and that of their growing community. LFG 🚀

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Today, we honour all the incredible women in the world. Keep shining on, not only for today, but every single day.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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I would like to thank and the SSS community, you guys have no ideal what this means to me after loosing my only DF and only SSS. Also big thanks to and you guys helped out so much during a very stressful time.

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So beautiful and scary at the same time. Well done and thank you!! 😋🔥💎

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If you are a holder, I wanted to let you know there is a 🗳️ underway.

1⃣ RE-open artifact claim/mint 🪟
2⃣Keep artifact claim/mint 🪟 closed

🙋‍♂️Encourage all to go 🗳️

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is this how it works?

web2 me vs web3 me ._.

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