Happy birthday🎂Yooahin💕

I love you so much.
저는 당신을 정말 사랑합니다♥️


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Happy birthday♥️

Yoo & Dobi🐱❤️💚😋

Please stay safe, healthy and be happy🧡


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What do I like abt you? Still don't know. But I understand it doesn't seem to be the simple reason "lov u coz u r doing something great." Hmm I can't help but care about you Mr. Kiddo 💕


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🎉Happy Birthday🎉



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It's THE DAY. Your beloved Hongsickkie's BD,
Let's light candles, and celebrate this happy happy day, my dear friend❤
Yes, Happiness is always by our side. 🌱

🌿#HBD Uhm Honsik = Yoo AhIn

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Happy Birthday
Dear Ahin/Hongsik🎉🎉


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محظوظين والله انك انولدت لنا بذا اليوم يا وحش التمثيل ويا مبددددع

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Today We wish you a fun time, shared w/ your loved ones, and a lifelooong happiness🌱


🌼해피 생축 씨, 좋은 하루 보내✨
🌼#ユ・アイン 君 お誕生日おめでとう
finger drawing in progress

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